Board Member Meeting, November 2016:

Our 2017 annual meeting will be held in September in conjunction with the Santa Fe Trail Association, in Olathe, KS. We will spend one full day at the Mahaffee Stage Coach site and many other special activities are planned for this four-day event. Keep checking each month as we will be posting the agenda when it has been finalized and also the early registration.
Virginia City, Montana is also another event we plan to attend in July of 2017. There have been many restorations to make it period-style and authentic, and much of the work has been accomplished by a couple of our members, Harlan Olson and Jem Blueher. More detailed information will follow next month so you will be able to mark your calendars to attend.
Ash Hollow, Nebraska is hosting a special multi-interest celebration. Next year, 2017, marks the 150th year of Nebraska statehood. The Governor has endorsed a few celebrations statewide and this is the one for western Nebraska. It will have multiple camps set up to focus on the different groups of people that were affected by the immigration West. These groups will be a Soldier Fort, a Mountain Man camp, an Indian camp, a Pioneer camp and a Cowboy/Ranch camp. This promises to be a very special event and you will want to reserve your spot to attend the last week of July.
Some of our board members have had the privilege of seeing a couple of restored 20-Mule Team Borax Wagons. Watch for these as they are transported across the west from Montana to be a part of the Rose Bowl Parade and then on the Washington DC.
I hope you enjoyed this brief update on the activities of the National Stagecoach and Freight Wagon Association. We look forward to getting more of you involved in events that help promote our mission---"We are dedicated to the interpretation, education and preservation of the legacy of commercial stagecoaches and freight wagons which were integral to the development of the western United States in the 19th century. This includes the people who designed, built and drove these remarkable vehicles.